Executive Committee

The current Executive Committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting in August 2020 and will be serving the members of the association till July 2023 after which an election will take place.



Carmel Cilia

Carmel Cilia has been serving the association since 1989.  Cilia was elected as an executive member, a position which he kept until July 2004.  At the annual general meeting of 2004 Cilia was elected President of the association where he led the association for six consecutive years.  Between 2010 and 2012 he served as an executive member of the association while in 2012 he was re-elected as President of the association a position which he still occupies to date.

Vice President

Charles Peresso

Charles Peresso was co-opted in the executive committee as a member in August 2019 and held an executive member position till July 2020.  At the AGM 2020 he was elected as Vice President of the association



Vincent Degiorgio

Vincent Degiorgio is the longest serving executive member of the association.  Way back in 1989 Degiorgio was one of the founder members of the association. Since the inception of the association he occupied the secretarial position of the association. His seat was only contested once in 2012 where the members of the association confirmed by vote his seat which he still occupies to date.


Pasquale Sciberras

Pasquale Sciberras was first elected as an executive member in July 2002. At the 2006 Annual General Meeting he took over the treasurer’s job which he occupied for four years.  In July 2014 Sciberras was re-elected as an executive member and in July 2021 re assumed the seat of treasurer of the association.


Executive Member 

Brian Grech

Brian Grech was first elected as an executive member in July 2000 where he served four years until July 2004.  Ten years after he was re-elected in the executive and he is still an active executive member as at today.

Executive Member 

Noel Cassar

Noel Cassar was elected in August 2020 as an executive member a position which he still carries today.

Noel Cassar

Executive Member

Lothar Mallia

Lothar Mallia was elected in July 2014 as an executive member a position in which he is still active as at to date.

Executive Member

Mario Spiteri

Mario Spiteri was co-opted in October 2020 after the resignation of Warren Attard

Mario Spiteri
vince saliba

Executive Member

Vince Saliba

Vince Saliba was elected in the executive committee in July 2023 and will be his first experience in the running of the association's duties.